While I’m release version 0.2.7 of the CSV parser for Node.js, I stop here to drop a few lines of what has made into this release.

We are now using the latest CoffeeScript, which is version 1.4.0. Migration was as easy as installing it. Documentation now use the each globing functionnalities. Some documentations have been corrected, improvided. Thanks to Chris Khoo for his help. The property “quoted” in the parser was renamed “quoting”. Test are overall easier to read and faster to run now that we provided CSV as inline text instead of referencing files. Line breaks were renamed “rowDelilimiter” and have been through important improvement. They may now be any text. Finally, the parser.prototype.parse and the transformer.prototype.transform functions were renamed write.

That’s pretty much for this release. The next one will focus on applying backpressure to the transform callback when run asynchronously. Asynchronously transformation is a feature we introduced not too long ago and it seems to be quite popular. For this reason, it deserves a proper implementation. Seems like it will borrow a lot of concepts from my lovely each library. Surely the api will be similar with a “parallel” function or property. I’m also thinking of directly using the module but that will introduce a first dependency and it isn’t as easy as it seems. The all feature is quite hard to implement so it might take a bit of time before I find the time to finalize it.