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Notes after Katacoda Training on Kubernetes Container Orchestration

A few weeks ago, I dedicated two days to follow the turorials available on Katacoda, the interactive learning platform for Kubernetes or any other container orchestration platform. I’m sharing my notes which I happen to use regularly as a cheat sheet. […]

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Open Source Summit 2017 – a week in Pragues

The Adaltas crew went to the Open Source Summit 2017 as well as the Mesos Summit 2017 held in Pragues about 3 weeks back. On this occasion, we compiled a series of articles about the conferences that have marked us most. Over the 3-day period of the Open Source Summit, there is no doubt [...]

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Micro Services

Back in the days, applications were monolithic and we could use an IP address to access a service. With virtual machines (VM), multiple hosts started to appear on the same machine with multiple apps. Things were still similar with VMs and physical machines as services were still accessible from an IP. With MicroServices, things changed [...]

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Hive, Calcite and Druid

BI/OLAP requires interactive visualization of complex data streams: Real time bidding events User activity streams Voice call logs Network trafic flows Firewall events Application KPIs Traditionnal solutions RDBMS (Mysql..): don't scale, need caching but adhoc queries remain slow Key/value store (HBase...): quick but takes forever to compute (pre-materialization of data) Context Created in 2011, open-sourced [...]

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A simple connect middleware to transpile CoffeeScript files

This new module called connect-coffee-script is a Connect middleware used to serve javascript files written in CoffeeScript. This middleware is to be used by connect or any Connect compatible framework such as Express and Zappa. For those not familiar with CoffeeScript, it is a transpiler which compile into Javascript. […]

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L’offre Red Hat Storage et son intégration avec Hadoop

J’ai eu l’occasion d’être introduit à Red Hat Storage et Gluster lors d’une présentation menée conjointement par Red Hat France et la société StartX. J’ai ici recompilé mes notes, du moins partiellement. Je terminerai pas l’intégration entre Red Hat Storage et Hadoop, plus particulièrement ce qu’on peut en attendre avant de mener une expérimentation en [...]

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Virtual machines with static IP for your Hadoop development cluster

While I am about to install and test Ambari, this article is the occasion to illustrate how I set up my development environment with multiple virtual machines. Ambari, the deployment and monitoring tool for Hadoop cluster, will be the subject of a yet to be written article. My virtal environment is VMWare but VirtualBox has [...]

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Catch ‘uncaughtException’ error in your mocha test

This isn't the first time I faced this situation. Today, I finally found the time and energy to look for a solution. In your mocha test, let's say you need to test an expected "uncaughtException" event, the Node.js technique to catch the uncatchable. Easy, just register an "uncaughtException" listener to the process event emitter. Well, [...]

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Oracle to Apache Hive with the Oracle SQL Connector

In a previous article published last week, I introduced the choices available to connect Oracle and Hadoop. In a follow up article, I covered the Oracle SQL Connector, its installation and integration with Apache Hadoop and more specifically how to declare a file present inside HDFS, the Hadoop filesystem, as a database table inside the [...]

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Crawl you website including login form with Phantomjs

With PhantomJS, we start a headless WebKit and pilot it with our own scripts. Said differently, we write a script in JavaScript or CoffeeScript which controls an Internet browser and manipulates the webpage loaded inside. In the past, I've used a similar solution called Selenium. PhantomJS is much faster, it doesn't start a graphical browser [...]

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