Notes and articles based on events such as meetups and conventions

Present and future of Hadoop workflow scheduling: Oozie 5.x

During the DataWorks Summit Europe 2018 in Berlin, I had the opportunity to attend a breakout session on Apache Ambari’s Workflow Scheduler and it’s way to design and visualize Apache Oozie workflows. The talk was given by Artem Ervits, solutions engineer at Hortonworks, and Clay Baenziger, member of the Hadoop Infrastructure team at Bloomberg. They [...]

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What’s new in Apache Spark 2.3 ?

Let’s dive into the new features offered by the new 2.3 distribution of Apache Spark. […]

Open Source Summit 2017 – a week in Pragues

The Adaltas crew went to the Open Source Summit 2017 as well as the Mesos Summit 2017 held in Pragues about 3 weeks back. On this occasion, we compiled a series of articles about the conferences that have marked us most. Over the 3-day period of the Open Source Summit, there is no doubt [...]

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Scaling massive, real-time data pipelines with Go

Last week at the Open Source Summit in Prague, Jean de Klerk held a talk called Scaling massive, real-time data pipelines with Go. This article goes over the main points of the talk, detailing the steps Jean went through when optimising his pipelines, explaining critical parts of his code and reproducing his benchmark results. [...]

Mesos Introduction

Apache Mesos is an open source cluster management project designed to implement and optimize distributed systems. Mesos enables the management and sharing of resources in a fine and dynamic way between different nodes and for various applications. This article covers Mesos architecture, its fundamentals, and its support for NVIDIA GPUs . […]

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Micro Services

Back in the days, applications were monolithic and we could use an IP address to access a service. With virtual machines (VM), multiple hosts started to appear on the same machine with multiple apps. Things were still similar with VMs and physical machines as services were still accessible from an IP. With MicroServices, things changed [...]

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Nobody* puts Java in a Container

This talk was about the issues of putting Java in a container and how, in its latest version, the JDK is now more aware of the container it is running in. The presentation is led by @joerg_schad, Distributed Software Engineer from Mesosphere, at the OpenSource Summit 2017 in Prague. […]

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Apache Thrift VS REST

Adaltas recently attended the Open Source Summit Europe 2017 in Prague. I had the opportunity to follow a presentation made by Randy Abernethy and Jens Geyer of RM-X, a cloud native consulting company, about the use of Apache Thrift in the building of high performance microservices. The focus was that Thrift is very fast and [...]

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