Hadoop development cluster of virtual machines with static IP using VirtualBox

A few days ago, I explained how to set up a cluster of virtual machine with static IPs and Internet access suitable to host your Hadoop cluster locally for development. At the time I made use of VMWare. I'm getting back with the same topic but this time using the VirtualBox manager. I decided to [...]

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Virtual machines with static IP for your Hadoop development cluster

While I am about to install and test Ambari, this article is the occasion to illustrate how I set up my development environment with multiple virtual machines. Ambari, the deployment and monitoring tool for Hadoop cluster, will be the subject of a yet to be written article. My virtual environment is VMWare but VirtualBox has [...]

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Convert .flac music files to .mp3 on osx

As an osx user for years now, one should know by then that iTunes doesn’t support the flac format. We are now in 2012, I’ve been waiting for this to happen since years know. Loosing patience, dark time for Apple. In the meantine, for the record, here a how to convert flac files into an [...]

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Coffee script, how do I debug that damn js line?

Update April 12th, 2012: Pull request adding error reporting to CoffeeScript with line mapping Chances are that, if you code in CoffeeScript, you often find yourself facing a JavaScript exception telling you a problem occured on a specific line. Problem is that the line number in question in the one of the generated JavaScript, not [...]

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Hadoop installation on OSX in pseudo-distributed mode

[crayon-5d82886a79bf1426329881/] The operating system chosen is OSX but the procedure is not so different for any Unix environment because most of the software is downloaded from the Internet, uncompressed and set manually. Only a few packages are installed by Macport but these are easily found on equivalent tools like Apt and Yum. Since the downloaded [...]

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