Node.js CSV version 4 – re-writing and performance

Today, we release a new major version of the Node.js CSV parser project. Version 4 is a complete re-writing of the project focusing on performance. It also comes with new functionalities as well as some cleanup in the option properties and the exported information. The official website is updated and the changelog contains the list [...]

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Tutorial for creating and publishing a new Node.js module

In this tutorial, I provide complete instructions for creating a new Node.js module, writing the code in coffee-script, publishing it on GitHub, sharing it with other Node.js fellows through NPM, testing it with Mocha, Should and JsCoverage and integrating it to travis. Because of its simplicity, this module could also be used as a scaffolding [...]

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Traverser des arrays en mode asynchronisé dans Node.js avec Each

Les librairies en Node.js permettant de gérer et simplifier les appels asynchrones sont légions. Voici le genre de librairies que chacun écrit pour lui et éventuellement publie. Elles ont pour but de réduire les codes spaghetti constitué d’imbrication de callbacks. Je ne fais pas exception. Après un an et demi d’usage intensif, je pense qu’il [...]

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Node CSV version 0.2.1

After the announcement of the version 0.2.0 of the Node.js CSV parser at the begining of october, we are releasing today a new version 0.2.1. This is mostly a bug fix release with enhanced documentation. However it does introduce a few interesting functionalities as well. The parser documentation has been updated to reflect this new [...]

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Node CSV version 0.1 and future developments

The Node CSV parser has just reach version 0.1 which close the 0.0.x releases. Started almost 2 years ago, the project has received a tremendous amount of participation in the form of bug reports, pull request and emails. It is used by a large population of the NodeJs community and could now be considered as [...]

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Asynchronous array iteration in Node.js with Each

Control flow in Node.js is the sort of library for which almost all the developers have created and publish their own libraries. They usually aim at reducing spaghetti codes made of deep callbacks. I’m no exception to the rule. After a year and a half of intensive usage, I feel like it’s about time to [...]

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Node CSV version 0.2 with streaming API

Announced in august, the Node CSV parser in its version 0.2 has just been released. This version is a major enhancement as it aligned the parser with the best Node.js practice in respect of streams. The CSV parser behave both as a Stream Writer and a Stream Reader. Be carefull, to achieve this goal, a [...]

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