Coffee script, how do I debug that damn js line?

Update April 12th, 2012: Pull request adding error reporting to CoffeeScript with line mapping Chances are that, if you code in CoffeeScript, you often find yourself facing a JavaScript exception telling you a problem occured on a specific line. Problem is that the line number in question in the one of the generated JavaScript, not [...]

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OS module on steroids with the SIGAR Node binding

Today we are announcing the first release of the Node binding to the SIGAR library. Visit the project website or the source code repository on GitHub. SIGAR is a cross platform interface for gathering system information. From the project website, such information include: System memory, swap, cpu, load average, uptime, logins Per-process memory, cpu, credential [...]

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How Node CSV parser may save your weekend

Last Friday, an hour before the doors of my customer close for the weekend, a co-worker came to me. He just finished to export 9 CSV files from [Oracle][oracle] which he wanted to import into [Greenplum][green] such as our customer could start testing on Monday morning. The problem as exposed was quite [...]

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Node intégré à la plateforme cloud Microsoft Azure

Node est désormais un citoyen de premier ordre dans l’environnement cloud de Microsoft Azure au côté de [.Net][.net], [Java][java] et [PHP][php]. Cette intégration est la conséquence logique de l’implication de Microsoft dans le développement de Node il y a maintenant un an. A l’origine seulement disponible sur les plateformes de type Unix [...]

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