Apache Ambari became a mature product over the years. It has not always been the case and there was a time when it was necessary to automate your own deployment scripts to operate a secured and multi-tenant cluster. It is now time to give Ambari the control.

Duration: 1h30
Format: demonstration


As a Big Data engineer you probably tried HDP’s sandbox or even installed a cluster yourself. In most cases, you used Apache Ambari to deploy and manage the services and configurations of your cluster. Now imagine a time when Ambari was not able to deal with SSL, Kerberos, HA, etc. Ryba and Nikita are an open source tools developed by Adaltas that help you boostrap and manage Hadoop clusters, it was built from scratch with Ambari’s past weaknesses in mind. Then imagine you decide to give Ambari a second chance and want to give it full control over your ‘manually’ deployed cluster. This is what we called the ‘Ambari takeover’ and this is what we are going to check out together.

In this presentation we will learn about the cogs behind the shiny user interface: the Apache Ambari API. The talk will also feature a friendly reminder on hows and whys of the Ryba project. I will also do a demo takeover of a preinstalled Hadoop cluster.


Leo Schoukroun, Big Data consultant at Adaltas. Currently working at EDF, deploying and maintaining multiple secured and multitenant Hadoop clusters with 300+ on-prem nodes.

Note, the ryba-ambari-takeover  project was made by Lucas Bakalian.