Based on a survey of 239 Hortonworks users made by techvalidate in 2017, 63% of the respondant were considering a move to the cloud. What’s the status now ? what are the options ?

Durée: 1h15
Format: talk


Every major player in the industry , be it a platform provider like Hortonworks or Cloudera, or a public cloud provider like Amazon, Microsoft or Google, has built an offering for the public cloud.

The object of the call is to share the status of a trend that can’t be ignored, with a specific focus on Microsoft Azure, Hortonworks CloudBreak and Dataplane services, and Cloudera Altus.


Engineer, with more than 20 years of experience in architecture, design, implementation and sale of IT solutions.

Nabil Mellal started his career in embedded software. In 1998, first contact with deep learning algorithms for a predictive input and  handwriting recognition applied to the Arabic language on mobile platforms. Will follow 20 years of projects for large groups or SMEs, ranging from embedded real-time software to Big Data infrastructure deployment, and IT infrastructure optimization.  Worked with both Open or closed source or technologies, with in recent years a pronounced trend towards the cloud (private, public or hybrid).