As someone present in the web industry for years and using many static website generators in the past, using Gatsby.js has been refreshing and made static website generation sexy again.

Duration: 3h00
Format: training


We will start with a presentation of Gatsby.js, how it compares to its alternative and the advantages of using it. The solution comes with a few buzz words such as React server-side rendering, GraphQL and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to name a few. We will walk through those components and concepts to get a deep understanding of their roles and usages. Since it comes with a steep learning curve while offering a lot of flexibility, we will show how to model your future websites to fit your needs.

This presentation isn’t just about generating static websites. By leveraging server-side rendering with React, Gatsby hit a sweet spot where generated pages are search engine friendly while being progressively enhanced with further client-side rendering, all of this from a same React component. Also, the concept being GraphQL carries the potential replacement of HTTP REST calls with the promise to ease the developer workflow and give them full visibility to the enterprise Data endpoints.


Passionate about programming, data, and entrepreneurship, David Worms participated in shaping Adaltas to be a team of talented engineers to share their skills and experiences.