Adaltas is an open company. Our commitment is to built on a foundation of Open Source, open collaboration, open standards, and open education.

Companies and governments have been using Open Source to replace proprietary solutions. Initially, they were attracted by the cost savings and the promise of removing vendor lock-in. Open Source is now central to the digital transformation with advantages found in security, quality, customization, flexibility, interoperability, auditability and support.

We maintain over 50 repositories on GitHub and encourage every developer and our customers to participate in those projects.

  • Ryba
    Deploy multi-tenant Clusters of Hadoop and other Big Data solutions.
  • Nikita
    Common functions for system deployment.
  • Node Krb5
    Node.js C++ binding to the Kerberos client API.
  • Node Sigar
    Node.js C++ binding to SIGAR (System Information Gatherer And Reporter).
  • CSV
    Full featured CSV parser with simple api and tested against large datasets.
  • Printf
    Write formatted data (complete implementation of printf and sprintf in Node.js).
  • Node HBase
    Asynchronous HBase client for Node.js using REST.
  • Node Ron
    Redis ORM for Node.js
  • Parameters
    Command line arguments parser and stringifier for Node.js
  • HTTP Status
    Utility to interact with HTTP status code.
  • Each
    Chained and parallel async iterator in one elegant function.
  • Pad
    A simple function to pad strings in both left and right directions