We engage our expertise to assist you and determine the needs and stakes of your Information System. The growth of data in terms of volume, variety and speed leads to innovative approaches. Today, data lakes allow organizations to accumulate huge reservoirs of information for future analysis. At the same time, the cloud provides easy access to technologies to those who do not have the necessary infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence promises to proactively simplify management.

With Big Data technologies, Business Intelligence is entering a new era. Hadoop and NoSQL databases store and represent structured and unstructured data and time series such as logs and sensors. From collect to visualization, the whole processing chain can be created in batch or real time.

Data Engineering

Setup of ingestion chains including collection, storage, refining, enrichment, aggregation and preparation of a data model available for multiple tools of visualisation, reporting and data exploration.


Valorization of your data using a visual, synthetic and interactive approach. Integration of multiple Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, PowerBI, … Study and targeting of users impacting data.

Data Streaming

Real time integration of time series data flow coming from sensors, logs, sales data, … Complex Event Processing (CEP) architecture deployment for data valorization, detection of weak signals, proactive control and KPIs exportation.

Data Science

Comprehension of business needs for the deployment of Machine Learning advanced mathematical calculations and algorithms. Installation and introduction to data exploration tools such as Dataiku DSS, Zeppelin, Jupyter and Shiny.