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Hadoop installation on OSX in pseudo-distributed mode

[crayon-5d7ff1a8d4ff4144161247/] The operating system chosen is OSX but the procedure is not so different for any Unix environment because most of the software is downloaded from the Internet, uncompressed and set manually. Only a few packages are installed by Macport but these are easily found on equivalent tools like Apt and Yum. Since the downloaded [...]

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Node HBase, a NodeJs client for Apache HBase

HBase is a "column familly" database from the Hadoop ecosystem built on the model of Google BigTable. HBase can accommodate very large volumes of data (tera or peta) while maintaining high availability and fast response times. Adaltas has posted a Node.js client for HBase whose code is published on GitHub and which uses the REST [...]

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MapReduce introduction

Information systems have more and more data to store and process. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others store astronomical amounts of information from their customers and must be able to serve them with the best recommendations while ensuring the sustainability of their systems. Description MapReduce is a way of modeling a program to [...]

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