Hive Metastore HA with DBTokenStore: Failed to initialize master key

This article describes my little adventure around a startup error with the Hive Metastore. It shall be reproducable with any  secure installation, meaning with Kerberos, with high availability enabled and with the storage of the delegation token in a database. The version of Hive is the 1.2 packaged inside the Hortonworks 2.4.2 distribution. Storage for [...]

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Announcing Mecano, a set of functions for system deployment

Update July 2016, Mecano is now renamed Nikita. We are releasing Node Mecano on GitHub which gather common functions used while deploying systems. The idea was to group those functions into a comprehensive library. […]

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Hadoop installation on OSX in pseudo-distributed mode

[crayon-5d5830eb2b341491860798/] The operating system chosen is OSX but the procedure is not so different for any Unix environment because most of the software is downloaded from the Internet, uncompressed and set manually. Only a few packages are installed by Macport but these are easily found on equivalent tools like Apt and Yum. Since the downloaded [...]

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