Rompre les barriers entre les équipes Dev et Ops pour améliorer les process de dévelopment applicatifs et les ramener sur des objectifs communs.

Break down barriers between Dev and Ops teams to improve the app development process and to have them work together towards common goals.

DevOps is a mindset, a way of thinking, versus a set of processes implemented in a specific way.  The goal of all DevOps organizations are the same: to improve the quality and speed at which innovation is delivered.

What Developers, Engineers and Ops Need

  • Workflow creation should be intuitive for programmers
  • Rich support for databases, HDFS, common file formats and applications
  • Simple access to logs and output
  • Resilient to failures, graceful error handling
  • Support for DevOps methodologies and tools
  • Testing supported out of the box
  • Auditing, Reporting, Compliance
  • Complex dependencies and event triggers, sophisticated scheduling, SLA Management …

Agile – code faster
DevOps – deploy faster
Containerization – isolation/insulation, scalability
Cloud – instant infrastructure
Hadoop – distributed file system and unlimited scale
noSQL – novel, flexible view of data