Open Source Projects: Hadoop, Node.js and PHP


  • Node HBase
    Asynchronous HBase client for Node.js using REST.

  • Hadoop Heco (not yet documented)
    Hadoop development installation


  • Node Shell
    Nice looking shell applications with pluggable middlewares.

  • Node SIGAR
    Binding to SIGAR (System Information Gatherer And Reporter).

  • Node CSV
    Full featured CSV parser with simple api and tested against large datasets.

  • Node Each
    Chained and parallel async iterator in one elegant function.

  • Node Printf
    Write formatted data (complete implementation of printf and sprintf).

  • Connect Dojo
    Connect middleware exposing the Dojo Toolkit.

  • Node GSL
    GNU Scientific Library (GSL) for Node.js.

  • Node Mecano
    Common functions for system deployment.

  • Node HTTP Status
    Utility to interact with HTTP status code.

  • Node Ron
    Redis ORM for Node.js

  • Node Masson
    Build tool similar to Make, Ant and Rake.


  • Pop
    PHP open source plateform and libraries

  • Porte
    Object Relational Mapping (ORM) in PHP

  • Pur
    Collection of comprehensive and flexible utilities for day-to-day programming