About Joris Rummens

Joris Rummens is a BigData architect and data engineer with 4 years of experience on Hadoop and distributed systems. He designed, built and operated ingestion workflows and real-time services while helping his clients define their needs and implement them. He worked for several organizations each having their own unique environments and needs, on short expertise and support missions as well as long Big Data department building ones, and as an Hortonworks software architect and on operational and business-support positions. His versatile skills on Big Data platforms enable him to work on various stages of a project and applications, from planification and architecture through prototyping and automation to administration and maintenance. He is used to collaborate with business people as well as with analysts, data scientists, engineers and operational teams.

Multihoming on Hadoop

Multihoming, which means having multiple networks attached to one node, is one of the main components to manage the heterogeneous network usage of an Apache Hadoop cluster. This article is an introduction to the concept and its applications for real-world businesses. […]

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Running Enterprise Workloads in the Cloud with Cloudbreak

This article is based on Peter Darvasi and Richard Doktorics’ talk Running Enterprise Workloads in the Cloud at the DataWorks Summit 2018 in Berlin. It presents Hortonworks’ automated deployment tool for cloud environments, Cloudbreak, describes and comments features that Peter and Richard explained in their talk, and give some personal guidelines on when and why [...]

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Multi-Repo, Multi-Node Gating at Massive Scale

This is a recap and personal review of Monty Taylor’s presentation of OpenStack’s Continuous Integration tool Zuul at the OpenSource Summit 2017 in Prague (not to mix with Netflix’ Zuul project). […]

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HDP cluster supervision

With the current growth of BigData technologies, more and more companies are building their own clusters in hope to get some value of their data. One main concern while building these infrastructures is the capacity to continuously monitor the cluster's health and report issues as fast as possible. This is where supervision comes in. There [...]

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