About Robert Walid Soares

Robert Walid is a Big Data Consultant with 1 year of professional experience on Hadoop and Distributed Systems. He has designed, developed and operated data ingestion workflows and real-time services while accompanying his clients in defining their needs and implementing them. He is versatile on Big Data platforms, planning, design and architecture of cluster deployment, administration, maintenance and prototyping and industrialization of applications in collaboration with business users, analysts, Data Scientists, Engineers and Operations Teams. He assists Data Scientists in the monitoring and qualification of new components, the integration and provision of innovative platforms and the training of teams.

Users and RBAC authorizations in Kubernetes

Having your Kubernetes cluster up and running is just the start of your journey and you now need to operate. To secure its access, user identities must be declared along with authentication and authorization properly managed. This article focus on how to create users with X.509 client certificates and how to manage authorizations with the [...]

CodaLab – Data Science competitions

CodaLab Competition is a platform for code execution in the field of Data Science. It is a web interface on which a user can submit code or results and compare themselves to others. Let’s see how it works and how to install CodaLab On-Premise. […]

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