About Xavier Hermand

Xavier is a computer engineer trained in Big Data at Adaltas. During the course of his internship, he has automated the setting up of a local cluster to get familiar with Big Data technologies and he wrote a Node.js binding for Kerberos. He is passionate about IT, constantly looking for challenges and new skills. For instance, he spent some time contributing to the krb5 module

Native modules for Node.js with N-API

How to create native modules for Node.js ? How to use N-API, the future of native addons development ? Writing C/C++ addon is a useful and powerful feature of the Node.js runtime. Let’s explore them from their internals, to their development and publication. […]

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Omid: Scalable and highly available transaction processing for Apache Phoenix

Apache Omid provides a transactional layer on top of key/value NoSQL databases. In practice, it is usually used on top of Apache HBase. […]

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