Apache Beam: a unified programming model for data processing pipelines

In this article, we will review the concepts, the history and the future of Apache Beam, that may well become the new standard for data processing pipelines definition. […]

Nobody* puts Java in a Container

This talk was about the issues of putting Java in a container and how, in its latest version, the JDK is now more aware of the container it is running in. The presentation is led by @joerg_schad, Distributed Software Engineer from Mesosphere, at the OpenSource Summit 2017 in Prague. […]

Java versus JS fun, a quote from the Node.js mailing list

I just read that one on the mailing list. I found it relevant enough to share it with those who did not subscribe to it: First Lothar Pfeiler: I still wonder, if it's cool to have such a big discussion on how to convert a string into an integer, or if all the java developers [...]

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MapReduce introduction

Information systems have more and more data to store and process. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others store astronomical amounts of information from their customers and must be able to serve them with the best recommendations while ensuring the sustainability of their systems. Description MapReduce is a way of modeling a program to [...]

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