Hive, Calcite and Druid

Hive, Calcite and Druid

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BI/OLAP requires interactive visualization of complex data streams:

  • Real time bidding events
  • User activity streams
  • Voice call logs
  • Network trafic flows
  • Firewall events
  • Application KPIs

Traditionnal solutions

  • RDBMS (Mysql..): don’t scale, need caching but adhoc queries remain slow
  • Key/value store (HBase…): quick but takes forever to compute (pre-materialization of data)


  • Created in 2011, open-sourced in 2012
  • Built for interactive analytics
  • +150 contributors as of 2016

Main Features

  • Column oriented
  • Batch & real-time ingestion
  • Scalable
  • Sub-second response time for time-based slice-and-dice

Persistent storage

  • Segment files partitionned by date
  • Segment should be around 1GB
  • If larger, use smaller partitions
  • Segment consist of: timestamp column, dimension (eg page, username, city), metrics (for aggregation) and indexes (to speed up the lookup)

Druid + Hive

  • Indexing complex query result in Druid using Hive
  • Introduce a SQL interface to Druid
  • Execute complex operations on Druid data
  • Efficient OLAP queries in Hive
  • Demo: based on Hive 2.20, no release plans yet, rely on Druid and Apache Calcite 1.10.0, (master and awaiting 0.9.2)

Druid data source in Hive

How to index data in Hive, 2 ways

  • Register Druid data sources in Hive when data already in druid
    STORED BY 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.druid.DruidSTorageHandler' TBLPROPERTIES ("druid.datasource" = "wikiticker")
  • Create druid data sources
    STORED BY 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.druid.DruidSTorageHandler' TBLPROPERTIES ("druid.datasource" = "wikiticker" AS SELECT __time, page, user, c_added, c_removed FROM src;
    “_time” is timestamp, “page, user” are dimensions, “c*” are metrics

Need to partition the data by date granularity.

Query Druid data sources from Hive

  • Automatic rewriting with Calcite
  • Use a Druid Input Format to fetch records into the Hive pipeline
  • Will bypass the broker


  • Push more computation to Druid (push down optimization)
  • Parallelize results retrieval (bypass broker)
  • Denormalize start schema
  • Huge perspectives for materialized views in Hive with automatic input query rewriting
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