Big Data: Hadoop, NiFi, Spark, Hive | Security: Kerberos, SSL | Distribution: GCP | Others: ElasticSearch, Spark Streaming, BigQuery, Spanner, Dataproc, Airflow, Kubernetes

Renault has entrusted Adaltas with the task of evaluating its Data Lake in order to guarantee the sustainability of the projects and their adequacy to the client’s constraints (financial, technical, organizationnal etc.). The recommendations are built on several axes such as the strategy and communication, the team building and user experience, the project management, the platforms, tools and components, the operation of Data Science models, the infrastructure foundation and the governance.

Adaltas also assists Renault Digital on Data Engineering for several projects using Spark (Batch and Streaming) on premise and on Google Cloud. The missions scope encompass Business needs comprehension, technical implementation and industrialisation of the final platform.


Distribution: HDP, HDF | Size: 60 nodes, 30 VMs | Security: Kerberos, Ranger, SSL | Others: Hive, LLAP, Druid, Hbase, Docker, ElasticSearch, Shinken, MongoDB, Indexima

Adaltas was selected to implement a Big Data service available across the EDF group. This mission consists of creating and operating a production platform including the Hadoop and ElasticSearch eco-systems. The commissioning of a multi-tenant platform involves securing the systems, defining appropriate governance, active monitoring of services, automating deployment procedures, qualifying new components, and delivering continuous trainings. Adaltas also helps in the development of the projects hosted by the platform.


Big Data: Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra | DevOps: CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes

Adaltas assists BNP Paribas in the digitalization of its retail banking branch and in the reorganization of the IT department around a DevOps approach. In this perspective of modernization, Adaltas contributes, from the design phase to the production operation, to the good usage of CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Cassandra and Hadoop. Adaltas also ensures the stability of the various environments on a daily basis.


IOT: NiFI, Kafka | Infrastructure: Cloudera CDH, On-premise

Faurecia is a global leader in automotive technology who provides innovative solutions to automotive challenges. The company is structured around four strategic businesses: Faurecia Seating, Faurecia Interiors, Faurecia Clarion Electronics and Faurecia Clean Mobility.

PHE - Autodistribution

Platform: Azure, Databricks | Data: Spark, ADLSv2, MicroStrategy

Parts Holding Europe (PHE) is a leader in the independent distribution of spare parts for light and heavy vehicles in Western Europe, especially in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain. PHE is stepping into the B-to-B market for the distribution of spare parts to repair professionals via Autodis, as well as on the B-to-C market for the online distribution of spare parts via DAPH (Digital Auto Parts Holding).

Societe General

Big Data: Hadoop, Hive | Data Science: R, Shiny, C#

Adaltas assisted SGCIB, a subsidiary of Société Générale, in the creation of tools and algorithms around the Client 360 ° vision. This allowed our customer to detect purchasing profiles, thanks to the clustering (and the automation of this clustering via R Shiny) of customers based on purchasing behaviors.

Data Science models cover the back office cost of SGCIB clients as well as the impact and effectiveness of publications / site visits on purchases.

We also performed Société Générale’s market share modeling in order to reveal the good / bad customers and to detect future opportunities.


Distribution: CDH | Others: Docker, Mattermost, GitLab et Wekan

Adaltas set up and secured the SoLocal production cluster based with the best practices for the Cloudera distribution. To date, the mission is focused on maintaining the cluster in operational quality and on migrating existing projects on this new instance. After installing tools such as Docker, Mattermost, GitLab and Wekan, we also conduct in-service training for Hadoop components and DevOps methodologies.

Air France

Distribution: HDP | Others: Spark streaming, Kafka, HBase

Adaltas set up a Big Data training tailored for a business use case of the airline company. After a preliminary study, the training reproduced in a simplified but real version the client supply chain with the technologies Spark Streaming, Kafka and Hbase.

Ministry of Finances

Distribution: CDH | Security: Kerberos | Others: Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka, HBase, TitanDB

Adaltas in partnership with GFI Informatics designed a Data Lake to collect and analyse sensible informations. In addition, our consultants worked with the customer’s Data Scientists to ensure the smooth running of algorithms executed with the Spark engine. As part of this mission, we operate and secure a Hadoop cluster based on the Cloudera distribution.


Distribution: HDP | Others: Knox

Adaltas conducted workshop with the client discussing the architecture of a multi-tenant Hadoop cluster based on the Hortonworks distribution. The focus was on the different integration scenarios with the customer infrastructure, as well as the implementation of a security perimeter using Knox to control external access.


Distribution: MapR | Environment: OpenStack, Ceph

Adaltas secured with Kerberos the Hadoop cluster of Silca based on the MapR distribution. In addition, we have implemented scalability tests to validate the performance of the OpenStack based client architecture and the Ceph file system.

Banque de France

Distribution: HDP | Others: Knox, Hive LLAP

Adaltas works with Banque de France in the delivery of their Big Data platform. The team core responsibility is to operate the various platforms. Such operations include upgrading and securing the existing HDP platforms, monitoring the services and handling the upgrades. The actions undertaken include the integration of Ansible deployment modules or the writing of scripts between the Ambari supervision service and the bank’s existing tools. The Data Lake is transverse to all directions of the Bank de France. It exposes customer specific APIs based on Knox and it provides a fast access to critical information with Hive and LLAP. Use case driven training and architecture recommendations are also provided to the business entities.

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