Adaltas is a diverse and data-focused team with a common pursuit of providing top-class, end-to-end data solutions for our clients.

Current openings

We are always looking for great candidates. Feel free to contact us to schedule a call. New positions open daily, so don’t hesitate to apply.

Personal development

Team members join a professional learning community with opportunities to grow, learn, explore, and collaborate.

Twice a year the entire team travels for an international event or a one-week self-organized conference.

Volunteers can share their skills in master programs to teach DevOps, big data architecture, and data engineering.

Open source

We contribute to the open source community. Adaltas is an open company. Our commitment is built on a foundation of open source, open collaboration, open standards, and open education.

Lately, we have been working heavily on TDP, the 100% open source big data platform. Alliage provides support and professional services on TDP. We are looking for candidates to join the team and provide contributions.


Our customers and partners come to us with the most challenging use cases and the coolest technologies. Whether it is scaling at a petabyte scale, working with minimal latency, ensuring the most critical infrastructure, or testing the latest technologies, we provide the best of ourselves because we are passionate.

If you relish change, enjoy applying new technologies, and seek to excel in your profession, this is the environment for you.


  • Team spirit
  • Desire to surpass yourself
  • Pragmatism


  • Engineers First
  • Successful experiences
  • Technologies


  • Get things done
  • Operability
  • Growth

Canada - Morocco - France

We are a team of Open Source enthusiasts doing consulting in Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Data Engineering, Data Science…

We provide our customers with accurate insights on how to leverage technologies to convert their use cases to projects in production, how to reduce their costs and increase the time to market.

If you enjoy reading our publications and have an interest in what we do, contact us and we will be thrilled to cooperate with you.

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