Data streaming engineer - mid level developer

Data streaming engineer - mid level developer

LocationParis region
PublishedOct 17, 2022
Cloud Computing
Data Engineering

Job description

As a data streaming engineer, you interact with the business and IT people (architects, functional analysts, project managers, data scientists, developers) to build ingestion pipelines in real-time.

Bringing data from point A to point B is just the begining of the journey. In this architecture, data preparation include data qualification, enrichment and real-time analytics. You will work in an hybrid environment, on-prem and in the cloud, with high availability and security requirements.

Company presentation

Adaltas specializes in the processing and storage of data. We operate on-premise and in the cloud to strengthen our clients’ teams in the areas of architecture, operations, data engineering, data science and DevOps. Cloudera and Databricks partner, we are also open source contributors. We invite you to browse our site and our many technical publications.

Expected Skills

You must have experience in streaming architectures. Core technologies include Kafka, NiFi, Spark, and Flink. A good knowledge in Python is expected. Experience in Java and Scala is a plus.

We have several open positions for profiles of all levels. Certifications in Cloudera, Databricks, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Aws and Google GCP are not mandatory but an advantage for less experienced developers.

In addition, we are attentive to all your complementary experiences including Hadoop, Infrastructure as Code, Data Science, Cloud Engineering, RDBMS and NoSQL databases, Kubernetes, streaming processing, … Note, open positions are also available in these areas.

Tasks to be conducted

  • Prototype, build, deploy and operate data ingestion pipelines.
  • KPIs generation with real-time queries.
  • Apply DevOps methodologies to code management, collaboration, automation and application delivery.

Additional information

This is the opportunity to join one of the most active companies in the field of big data in France and to work on the most promising technologies. We offer permanent contracts. Remuneration is based on your experience and skills.


For any request for additional information and to submit your application, please contact David Worms:

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