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Big Data

Process, store, expose and analyse large amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data that exceeds the limits and capabilities of conventional IT.


Business Intelligence

Process of inspecting, refining, transforming and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions and supporting decision-making.


Cloud Computing

Leverages the ressources available on the cloud to deploy your data and applications.


Containers Orchestration

Container technologies, orchestration and automation to eliminate many of the manual processes associated with deploying and scaling of containerized applications.


Cyber Security

Device, network and application protection from theft and damage of data and services.


Data Engineering

Stream and batch ingestion, cleaning, enrichment and publication of data while ensuring scalability, disponibility and data governance.


Data Governance

Processes and solutions to ensure important data are formally managed through the company covering availability, usability, consistency, quality, integrity and security.


Data Science

Leverage computer science, math and statistics, and domain knowledge to transform raw data into valuable information.


DevOps & SRE

Combine development and operations to shorten the development life cycle and improve software quality while delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives.



Notes and articles based on events such as meetups and conventions.


Front End

Combine HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build optimized websites and web applications targeting multiple devices.



Random thoughts and experiences which we share from problem solving to hacking with the Linux system.



Define and implement the appropriate hardware, software, network resources and services on bare-metal, cloud, virtualized and containerized environments.



The sharing of knowledge at Adaltas is reflected in the transfer of skills to our clients, the implementation of tailor-made training, our frequent publications of articles, our Open Source contributions as well as teaching in several schools and universities.



Node.js popularized JavaScript on the server side. From there, a large community has grown from which Adaltas is an active member.


Tech Radar

Feedbacks on new technologies based on our effort and interest in leveraging the latest technologies for our customers.

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We are a team of Open Source enthusiasts doing consulting in Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Data Engineering, Data Science…

We provide our customers with accurate insights on how to leverage technologies to convert their use cases to projects in production, how to reduce their costs and increase the time to market.

If you enjoy reading our publications and have an interest in what we do, contact us and we will be thrilled to cooperate with you.

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