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Mount Aladdin eToken in Firefox on Archlinux

Categories: Hack | Tags: 2FA, Arch Linux, Cyber Security, Firefox, Security, Smart card

Given you’re on Archlinux and have an Aladdin eToken, let’s see how we can mount it in Firefox for web authentication. An Aladdin eToken is a cryptographic device (token, smart card) that stores…



Jul 12, 2019

Recover from an EFI failure on a dedicated server

Categories: Hack | Tags: Infrastructure, Linux, Cloud

A few weeks ago, before upgrading our Ubuntu systems, we sort of messed around with our EFI partitions and the impacted servers never came back online on system reboot after the upgrade. Provisionning…

Grégor JOUET

By Grégor JOUET

Apr 16, 2019

First Class Functions in Python

Categories: Hack, Learning | Tags: Programming, Python

I recently watched a talk by Dave Cheney about first class functions in Go. Python supports first class functions too, so can we use them in the same ways? Absolutely. I have been using Python for a…


By Arthur BUSSER

Apr 15, 2019

A CoreOS development cluster with Vagrant and VirtualBox

Categories: Hack, Infrastructure | Tags: Arch Linux, CoreOS, Linux, VirtualBox, etcd, Vagrant

Following CoreOS’s instructions on how to set up a development environment in VirtualBox did not work out well for me. Here are the steps I followed to get Container Linux up and running with Vagrant…


By Arthur BUSSER

Jun 20, 2018

Guide to Keybase encrypted directories

Categories: Cyber Security, Hack | Tags: Authorization, Cryptography, Encryption, File system, Keybase, PGP

This is a guide to using Keybase’s encrypted directories to store and share files. Keybase is a group, file and chat application who’s goal is to bring public key crypto based on PGP to everyone in…


By Arthur BUSSER

Jun 18, 2018

Change Ambari's topbar color

Categories: Big Data, Hack | Tags: Ambari, Front-end

We recently had a client that has multiple environments (Production, Integration, Testing, …) running on HDP and managed using one Ambari instance per cluster. One of the questions that came up was…



Jul 9, 2017

Network Namespace without Docker

Categories: Hack | Tags: DNS, Docker, Linux, Namespaces, Network, VLAN

Let’s imagine the following use case: I am connected to several networks (wlan0, eth0, usb0). I want to choose which network I’m gonna use when I launch apps. My app doesn’t allow me to choose a…



Jul 6, 2016

A simple connect middleware to transpile CoffeeScript files

Categories: Hack, Node.js | Tags: CoffeeScript, Tools, Node.js

This new module called connect-coffee-script is a Connect middleware used to serve JavaScript files written in CoffeeScript. This middleware is to be used by connect or any Connect compatible…


By David WORMS

Jul 4, 2014

Maven 3 behind a proxy

Categories: Hack | Tags: Maven, Java, Proxy

Maven 3 isn’t so different to it’s previous version 2. You will migrate most of your project quite easily between the two versions. That wasn’t the case a fews years ago between versions 1 and…


By David WORMS

Jul 11, 2013

Node CSV version 0.2.7

Categories: Hack | Tags: CoffeeScript, CSV, Pipeline, Node.js

While I’m release version 0.2.7 of the CSV parser for Node.js, I stop here to drop a few lines of what has made into this release. We are now using the latest CoffeeScript, which is version 1.4.…


By David WORMS

Jul 9, 2013

Merging multiple files in Hadoop

Categories: Hack | Tags: HDFS, File system, Hadoop

This is a command I used to concatenate the files stored in Hadoop HDFS matching a globing expression into a single file. It uses the “getmerge” utility of but contrary to “getmerge”, the final…


By David WORMS

Jan 12, 2013

Convert .flac music files to .mp3 on osx

Categories: Hack | Tags: OS X, File Format

As an osx user for years now, one should know by then that iTunes doesn’t support the flac format. We are now in 2012, I’ve been waiting for this to happen since years know. Loosing patience, dark…


By David WORMS

Jul 20, 2012

Coffee script, how do I debug that damn js line?

Categories: Hack, Node.js | Tags: CoffeeScript, Debug, JavaScript, Node.js

Update April 12th, 2012: Pull request adding error reporting to CoffeeScript with line mapping Chances are that, if you code in CoffeeScript, you often find yourself facing a JavaScript exception…


By David WORMS

Feb 15, 2012

How Node CSV parser may save your weekend

Categories: Hack | Tags: Bash, CSV, Hack, Node.js

Last Friday, an hour before the doors of my customer close for the weekend, a co-worker came to me. He just finished to export 9 CSV files from an Oracle database which he wanted to import into…


By David WORMS

Dec 13, 2011

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