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Big Data

Data, and the insight it offers, are essential for businesses to innovate and differentiate. Coming from a variety of sources, from inside the firewall out to the edge, the growth of data in terms of volume, variety, and speed leads to innovative approaches. Today, data lakes and data hub architectures allow organizations to accumulate huge reservoirs of information for future analysis. At the same time, the Cloud provides easy access to technologies to those who do not have the necessary infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence promises to proactively simplify management.

With Big Data technologies, Business Intelligence is entering a new era. Hadoop and the likes, NoSQL databases, and cloud-managed infrastructures store and represent structured and unstructured data and time series such as logs and sensors. From collect to visualization, the whole processing chain operates in batch and real-time.

Big Data
Cloud and on-premise infrastructure


Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments:

  • Integration with the information system
  • Automated deployments
  • End-to-end security
  • Management in multi-tenant environments
  • Clusters operations, disaster recovery
  • Level 3 support
Data management

Data management

Governance and data provisioning:

  • Big Data and Data Lake architecture
  • Modeling and application architecture
  • Low latency and high throughput use cases
  • Batch and streaming data sourcing and ingestion pipelines
  • Data cleaning and enrichment
  • Data quality control and enforcement
Data intelligence

Data intelligence

Collaboration with business units to serve projects needs:

  • Restitution et visualisation de données
  • Distributed traitement Optimisation des flux et des traitements distribués
  • Ad hoc queries and data mining
  • Machine Learning models and custom algorithms elaboration
  • DevOps, SRE et MLOps

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