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Feedbacks on new technologies based on our effort and interest in leveraging the latest technologies for our customers.

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WasmEdge: WebAssembly runtimes are coming for the edge

WasmEdge: WebAssembly runtimes are coming for the edge

Categories: Containers Orchestration, Adaltas Summit 2021, Infrastructure, Tech Radar | Tags: JAMstack, Linux, Docker, Rust Lang, WebAssembly

With many security challenges solved by design in its core conception, lots of projects benefit from using WebAssembly. WasmEdge runtime is an efficient Virtual Machine optimized for edge computing…

Guillaume BOUTRY

By Guillaume BOUTRY

Sep 29, 2022

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We are a team of Open Source enthusiasts doing consulting in Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Data Engineering, Data Science…

We provide our customers with accurate insights on how to leverage technologies to convert their use cases to projects in production, how to reduce their costs and increase the time to market.

If you enjoy reading our publications and have an interest in what we do, contact us and we will be thrilled to cooperate with you.