OS module on steroids with the SIGAR Node binding

OS module on steroids with the SIGAR Node binding

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Today we are announcing the first release of the Node binding to the SIGAR library. Visit the project website or the source code repository on GitHub.

SIGAR is a cross platform interface for gathering system information. From the project website, such information include:

  • System memory, swap, cpu, load average, uptime, logins
  • Per-process memory, cpu, credential info, state, arguments, environment, open files
  • File system detection and metrics
  • Network interface detection, configuration info and metrics
  • TCP and UDP connection tables
  • Network route table

Please consult the SIGAR documentation (the documentation is no longer online) for a complete list of supported operating systems, architectures and versions.

The current version is a complete binding of the SIGAR API. There are still however a few minor issues left due to our lack of C++ skills and SIGAR understanding. Please give us some help if you are a knowledgeable Node C++ binder or an experienced SIGAR user.

Here is an example returning CPU information:

var sigar = require('sigar');

var cpus = sigar().cpuList()
for(var i = 0; i < cpus.length; i++){

Visit the Node SIGAR website for a complete view of the API.

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