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TensorFlow installation on Docker

TensorFlow installation on Docker

Categories: Containers Orchestration, Data Science, Learning | Tags: AI, CPU, Deep Learning, Docker, Jupyter, Linux, TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an Open Source software from Google for numerical computation using a graph representation: Vertex (nodes) represent mathematical operations Edges represent N-dimensional data array…


Aug 5, 2019

LXD: The Missing Piece

LXD: The Missing Piece

Categories: Containers Orchestration | Tags: CPU, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, LXD, VM

LXD stands for Linux Container Daemon. Yet another container technology. But LXD is very different. It stands apart from the pack. It is not necessarily better nor much faster nor more secure! But it…


Dec 28, 2018

TensorFlow on Spark 2.3: The Best of Both Worlds

TensorFlow on Spark 2.3: The Best of Both Worlds

Categories: Data Science, DataWorks Summit 2018 | Tags: Mesos, Spark, YARN, C++, CPU, GPU, JavaScript, Keras, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Python, TensorFlow, Tuning

The integration of TensorFlow With Spark has a lot of potential and creates new opportunities. This article is based on a conference seen at the DataWorks Summit 2018 in Berlin. It was about the new…

By Yliess HATI

May 29, 2018

OS module on steroids with the SIGAR Node binding

OS module on steroids with the SIGAR Node binding

Categories: Node.js | Tags: C++, CPU, File system, Metrics, Monitoring, Network

Today we are announcing the first release of the Node binding to the SIGAR library. Visit the project website or the source code repository on GitHub. SIGAR is a cross platform interface for gathering…

By David WORMS

Jan 11, 2012

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