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Spark on Hadoop integration with Jupyter

Spark on Hadoop integration with Jupyter

Categories: Adaltas Summit 2021, Infrastructure, Tech Radar | Tags: Infrastructure, Jupyter, Spark, YARN, CDP, HDP, Notebook, TDP

For several years, Jupyter notebook has established itself as the notebook solution in the Python universe. Historically, Jupyter is the tool of choice for data scientists who mainly develop in Python…



Sep 1, 2022

TensorFlow installation on Docker

TensorFlow installation on Docker

Categories: Containers Orchestration, Data Science, Learning | Tags: CPU, Jupyter, Linux, AI, Deep Learning, Docker, TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an Open Source software from Google for numerical computation using a graph representation: Vertex (nodes) represent mathematical operations Edges represent N-dimensional data array…



Aug 5, 2019

EclairJS - Putting a Spark in Web Apps

EclairJS - Putting a Spark in Web Apps

Categories: Data Engineering, Front End | Tags: Jupyter, Spark, JavaScript

Presentation by David Fallside from IBM, images extracted from the presentation. Introduction Web Apps development has moved from Java to NodeJS and Javascript. It provides a simple and rich…


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Jul 17, 2016

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