TOSIT Data Platform (TDP)

TOSIT Data Platform (TDP) is a fully open source big data distribution based on the Apache ecosystem. The initiative is incubated by The Open Source I Trust (TOSIT), a French association whose mission is to promote open source between large accounts and institutions.

The TDP distribution is based on the open source versions of big data components of the Apache ecosystem. As part of the TDP project, these components are compiled, tested and deployed automatically.

The TDP distribution defines and qualifies a set of versioned components that interact with each other. In addition, it provides the community with tools for deploying platforms. The resulting stack is versioned and evolves along the following axes:

  • The evolution of the components that compose it by integrating new versions and applying/backporting fixes;
  • Adding new features to the source code of the TDP project.

Any new development has a ripple effect in the compilation of all the components, the validation of tests and the provision of a new version of the distribution in accordance with the recommendations of Semantic Versioning (SemVer).

For ensure the continuation of services, the first versions made available are aligned with those of the HDP 2.6.5 and HDP 3.1.5 distributions. The list of supported components includes: Hadoop (HDFS, YARN, MapReduce), Hive & Tez, Spark, Ranger, HBase, Phoenix, Knox, Oozie, NiFi, Kafka, and ZooKeeper.

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