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Apache HBase

HBase is a column-oriented NoSQL database that is part of the Hadoop ecosystem. It is an open source distributed database specialized in Big Data storage that provides access with low latency and strong concurrency. The storage is optimized to provide access to the values through a key. Keys are sorted which provide the ability to query from one key to another (Range Query). The data is written to HDFS, which ensures replication. A HBase database consists of a master and workers, following the same principle as Hadoop. Each HBase worker has a single HRegionServer through which the data travels. It is the HRegionServer that will manage the storage of data within a single machine. The data stored in HBase is encapsulated in HRegions that correspond to a set of files from the same table (the HFiles). These HRegions are managed by the HRegionServer. Each machine can have one or more HRegions.

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