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Big Data Solution Architect

Lucas Bakalian is a full stack Big Data architect with more than 5 years of experience. He has deployed and operated multi-tenant clusters for large French companies with several hundreds nodes.

His personal passion for IT has allowed him to gain early experience in client-side and server-side web technologies and mobile environments. The diversity of the technologies with which he has worked allows him to set up and support clients when defining the requirements, designing the architecture, going to production, operating the systems and creating value in the data.

Finally, Lucas is also teaching Big Data trainings to share and transfer his acquired skills.

Published articles

Clusters and workloads migration from Hadoop 2 to Hadoop 3

Clusters and workloads migration from Hadoop 2 to Hadoop 3

Categories: Big Data, Infrastructure | Tags: Slider, YARN, Erasure Coding, Rolling Upgrade, HDFS, Spark, Docker

Hadoop 2 to Hadoop 3 migration is a hot subject. How to upgrade your clusters, which features present in the new release may solve current problems and bring new opportunities, how are your current…



Jul 25, 2018

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