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Open Source Summit 2017 – a week in Pragues

The Adaltas crew went to the Open Source Summit 2017 as well as the Mesos Summit 2017 held in Pragues about 3 weeks back. On this occasion, we compiled a series of articles about the conferences that have marked us most.

Over the 3-day period of the Open Source Summit, there is no doubt that Kubernetes was the star of the various talks, becoming the de-facto standard for container orchestration. The conference followed its integration announcement by Mesos-based DC/OS in september as well as the one of Docker in october.

With Kurbenetes comes a rich and growing ecosystem, a few of them hosted under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Here are a few:

Overall, we had a wonderful time in Pragues and we wish to thank the organizers as well as the speaker for sharing their talent. Now, let’s get to the articles.

Adaltas - Open Source Summit 2017 – a week in Pragues

Articles related to the summit

Scaling massive, real-time data pipelines with Go

Scaling massive, real-time data pipelines with Go

Categories: Open Source Summit Europe 2017, Learning | Tags: Algorithm, Data structures, Go Lang, Pipeline, Protocols, Network

Last week at the Open Source Summit in Prague, Jean de Klerk held a talk called Scaling massive, real-time data pipelines with Go. This article goes over the main points of the talk, detailing the…


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Nov 21, 2017

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