TDP workshop: Become a TDP power user from your terminal

TDP workshop: Become a TDP power user from your terminal

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Become a TDP power user

Thusday, June 23, 2022, from 18:00 to 19:00 pm CEST (Central European Time)


Register for our 1st TDP workshop. A link will be shared to participate in the workshop from your computer, tablet and smartphone. You may also connect from your phone after composing our direct line and entering the provided access code.

The TDP CLI is used to deploy and operate your TDP services. It relies on tdp-lib to provide control and flexibility at your fingertips.

Some time ago, we announced the public release of TDP - Trunk Data Platform - the 100% open source big data platform based on the Hadoop ecosystem from the TOSIT association. The opening of TDP marks for us another step towards its objectives: a 100% open-source platform, freely accessible, with shared governance.

However, TDP is a complex project, divided into several repositories, with many actors involved. Making its various repositories public is not enough to allow the community to invest in it.

Adaltas is at the initiative of the platform’s development along with EDF and DGFIP. Therefore, in parallel to the documentation work we are doing, we propose a series of workshops to share our experience with the community.

This first workshop is dedicated to the TDP CLI, with the following objectives:

  • Understanding the place of tdp-lib in the TDP architecture;
  • Installing tdp-lib and getting started with the CLI;
  • Configuring and managing variables;
  • Deploying components and clusters;
  • Querying informations from previous deployments.

This workshop takes place remotely on Thusday, June 23, 2022, from 18:00 to 19:00 pm CEST (Central European Time) for 1h. It is conducted by Guillaume Boutry, an active developer of tdp-lib from Adaltas.

To participate, please register by following this link:

For further questions, please send a message to

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