Knox as a general proxy and load balancer


How can I use Apache Knox to proxy and load balance all my Apache Hadoop APIs and also my custom APIs. Knox on steroid, finger in the noise!

  • Speaker: Michael HATOUM
  • Duration: 1h15
  • Format: talk


This talk is based on experience gathered arount the usage of Apache Knox at Banque de France. It will show you the traps when you set SSL on Apache Knox, it will shows littles tricks and tips and show you why and how to setup custom REST API behind Apache Knox.


Michael HATOUM is a Big Data consultant with 4 years of experience. He designed, built and operated ingestion workflows and real-time services while helping his clients define their needs and implement them.

He has experience in planning, architecture design and cluster deployment. Excellent Java developer, he is confortable in the prototyping and the industrialization of applications, in collaboration with the different teams of the client. He is also very versatile and able to carry out the various tasks entrusted to him.

Passionate, he maintains an active watch in several fields of computer science and is autonomous in the acquision of know-how.

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