LXD, The Missing Piece!


There are Virtual machines and Linux containers. Well, LXD lives right in between!

  • Speaker: Tariq SAHNOUNI


LXD is a Project built on top of LXC (Linux Container) to give the Virtual machine's manageability to containers, LXD is the best compromise between a VM and a container, it kept the VM experience with added benifits of containers (high density, better ressource management and low latency). Simply put LXD container is a VM on steroids.


After this presentation we will have a good understanding of the LXD Project, origines, goals and current implementations, in addition to a demo that would makes us comfortable with using LXD and maybe convince us to use it for spinning up our test envrironments.


I am a big data consultant, my curiosity and love to problem solving lead me to the world of technology. I began my studies in management, but soon enough I took another path. I started in Network and system administration, then I was introduced to Linux and the open source world which changed my life. I finished my studies with a master's degree in Big Data and cloud Computing. I started with Adaltas, and from day one I faced a challenge in a big project, that requires many years of experience, but with the help of my colleagues I was able to achieve good results and the things I learned from that project exceeds what I learned my entire years of studies. I had the privilege to work on some interesting projects, with the BNP, STAGO, Orange and even Hortonwoks. I deployed Hadoop platforms both Cloudera's and hortonworks. I am passionate about any technology that serves a purpose, and impacts our lives.

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