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Self sovereign identities


Digital identity is necessary to do most everything on the Internet. And while there have been many solutions through the years, It remains a problem.

  • Speaker: Nabil Mellal
  • Duration: 45mn
  • Format: talk


Unlike the physical world, we still don't have a solution to prove our identity. We also consider the security and data protection and ownership aspects as every individual ought to have the right to control his or her own online identity.

You should be able to decide what information about yourself is collected as part of your digital profile, and of that information, who has access to different aspects of it.

Being a solution to this complicated equation is the promise of distributed self sovereign identities.

During this talk, we will discuss the state of the open standards around DIDs, DID-Auth, DPKI, and Verifiable claims that are being implemented and how blockchain distributed ledgers can help implement the underlying infrastructure needed to achieve this goal.


With more than 2O years experience in IT, Nabil Mellal has started companies and worked for big corps, been involved in project spanning from embedded software to Big Data infrastructure deployment, with SMBs and Fortune 500, sometimes open source sometines not. At the beginning all of them ware on premise, less and less lately.

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