Composants for CDH and HDP

Composants for CDH and HDP

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I was interested to compare the different components distributed by Cloudera and HortonWorks. This also gives us an idea of the versions packaged by the two distributions. At the time of this writting, April 2013, I am comparing the Cloudera distribution 4.2.0 and the Hortonwork Data Plaftorm 2.0.0.

CDH 4.2.0

  • bigtop-jsvc 1.0.10-cdh4.2.0
  • bigtop-tomcat 6.0.35-cdh4.2.0
  • datafu 0.0.4-cdh4.2.0
  • flume-ng 1.3.0-cdh4.2.0
  • hadoop 2.0.0-cdh4.2.0
  • hbase 0.94.2-cdh4.2.0
  • hcatalog 0.4.0-cdh4.2.0
  • hive 0.10.0-cdh4.2.0
  • hue 2.2.0-cdh4.2.0
  • mahout 0.7-cdh4.2.0
  • mr1 2.0.0-mr1-cdh4.2.0
  • oozie 3.3.0-cdh4.2.0
  • pig 0.10.0-cdh4.2.0
  • sqoop 1.4.2-cdh4.2.0
  • sqoop2 1.99.1-cdh4.2.0
  • whirr 0.8.0-cdh4.2.0
  • zookeeper 3.4.5-cdh4.2.0

HDP 2.0.0

  • bigtop-jsvc 1.0.10
  • bigtop-tomcat 6.0.36
  • hadoop
  • hbase
  • hcatalog
  • hive
  • pig
  • tez
  • webhcat-tar-hive
  • zookeeper-

Additionnaly, the utils repo add the following components:

  • ganglia-gmetad 3.2.0
  • hadoop-lzo 0.5.0
  • mysql-connector-java 5.0.8
  • nagios 3.2.3
  • pdsh 2.27
  • puppet 2.7.9
  • snappy 1.0.5
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