Apache Apex with Apache SAMOA

Apache Apex with Apache SAMOA

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Traditional Machine Learning

  • Batch Oriented
  • Supervised - most common
  • Training and Scoring
  • One time model building
  • Data set
  • Training: Model building
  • Holdout: Paremeter tuning
  • Test: Accuracy

Online Machine Learning

  • Streaming
  • Change
  • Dynmaically adapt to new patterns in Data
  • Change over time (concept drift)
  • Model updates
  • Approximation Algorithms
  • Single pass: one data item at a time
  • sublinear space and time per data item
  • small error with high probabilities

Apache SAMOA

  • What we need
  • Platform for streaming learning Algorithms
  • Distributed Scalable

Machine learning classification

               Machine learning
              /                \
     Disribué                   Non distibué
    /        \                   /        \
  Batch   streaming           Batch    streaming
    |         |                 |          |
  Hadoop Apex/flink/storm       |          |
    |         |                 |          |
  Mahout    SAMOA            R, WEKA      MOA

Logical Building Blocks

Each block is a processor (an algorithm), then we create a topology of blocks.

Prequential Eval Tasks in SAMOA

  • Interleaved test-then-train
  • Evaluates performance for online classifiers
  • Basic - Overall
  • Sliding Windows based - Most recent


Distributed Stream Processing Engine:

  • Apex
  • Storm
  • Flink

Apex Application DAG

  • DAG is composed of vertices (Operators) and Edges (Streams)
  • Stream is a sequence of data tuples which connects operators

Distribution of tuples

  • Calculate Hash of tuple
  • Modulo by the number of partition

Iteration support in Apex

  • Machine-learning needs iterations
  • At the very least, feedback loop
  • Apex topology - Acyclic: DAG

Delay Operators

  • Increment window id for all outgoing ports
  • A note on Fault tolerance


Adding DSPE for Apache Apex:

  • Differences in the topology builder APIs of SAMOA and Apex
  • No concept of Ports in SAMOA
  • On demand declaration of streams in SAMOA
  • Cycles in topology: Delay Operator
  • Serialization of Processor state during checkpointing.

Also serialization of tuples:

  • Number of tuples in a single window - Affects number of tuples in future windows coming from the delay operator
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