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DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer & Web Developer

Sergei is a computer scientist with a full stack profile. Recently, he carried out a Data Engineering assignment onf Hadoop and its ecosystem involving the ingestion of HBase and Elasticsearch clusters in Spark and Scala. He teaches several courses including a DevOps class covering container architectures and micro-services. For 5 years, he built an experience in front-end and back-end web development mastering technologies such as GraphQL, React.js and the Jamstack architecture.

Published articles

JS monorepos in prod 5: merging Git repositories and preserve commit history

JS monorepos in prod 5: merging Git repositories and preserve commit history

Categories: DevOps & SRE, Node.js | Tags: Bash, DevOps, GitHub, Packaging, Git, GitOps, JavaScript, Monorepo

At Adaltas, we maintain several open-source Node.js projects organized as Git monorepos and published on NPM. We shared our experience to work with Lerna monorepos in a set of articles: Part…



May 21, 2021

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