Kubernetes 1.8

Kubernetes 1.8

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The 1.8 release of Kubernetes brings a lot of new things. With 2500+ pull request, 2000+ commits, 400+ commiters, Kubernetes added 39 new features in this version. This is the richest release in terms of features, for comparison the 1.7 version contained only 28 features. For this release the Kubernetes team focused on three main areas: security, workloads and extensibility.



RBAC authorization graduates to stable. Administrators can dynamically set roles and define policies through the Kubernetes API.


By default, pods are not isolated from the network, they can connect to every other source. To resolve this issue, outbound rules are coming in beta.


Workload Controllers API beta

This beta release contains: DaemonSet, Deployment, ReplicaSet et StatefulSet. The API lets you orchestrate your workloads.

  • DaemonSet: ensures that all nodes run a copy of a Pod
  • ReplicaSet: ensures that a specified number of pod replicas are running at any given time
  • Deployment: provides declarative updates for Pods and ReplicaSets
  • StatefulSet: is one mechanism for supporting Pods that require persistence. It gives a unique id to each containers


Containerd support added to be OCI (Open Container Initiative) compliant.


FlexVolumes enhancements

Storage vendors can create their own drivers without adding them to official repository. A new fonctionnality gives the ability to deploy FlexVolumes drivers with DaemonSet.

CustomResourceDefinitions (CRD)

Added since version 1.7 to replace Third Party Resource (TPR), CRD still in beta in this release. It provides a facility for extending the Kubernetes API. A new option provides validation of objects to prevent errors while creating new CDR.

Kubernetes 1.9 - Roadmap

Core Stability

Extra functionality will be delivered as extensions.


One the most anticipated feature is the release of CRD in stable and enhanced runtimes support.


Update of Workload Controllers API to stable.


We see that the Kubernetes team makes a lot of effort to respond to the needs and wants of the community. With a quarterly release process and an adoption of their system by more than 54% of the Fortune 100 compagnies, Kubernetes has a bright future.


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