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How to build your OCI images using Buildpacks

How to build your OCI images using Buildpacks

Categories: Containers Orchestration, DevOps & SRE | Tags: CNCF, OCI, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes

Docker has become the new standard for building your application. In a Docker image we place our source code, its dependencies, some configurations and our application is almost ready to be deployed…

Kubernetes 1.8

Kubernetes 1.8

Categories: Containers Orchestration, Open Source Summit Europe 2017 | Tags: containerd, CRD, OCI, RBAC, Kubernetes, Network, Release and features

The 1.8 release of Kubernetes brings a lot of new things. With 2500+ pull request, 2000+ commits, 400+ commiters, Kubernetes added 39 new features in this version. This is the richest release in terms…



Oct 24, 2017

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