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GraphQL is a server-side, open-source query language developed by Facebook. It is used for application programming interfaces (APIs) development. It allows users to retrieve nothing more than the required data. GraphQL APIs differenciate themselves from regular REST APIs by their unique endpoint, meaning that the requests are centralized on one single URL on the server. GraphQL offers many advantages compared to traditional REST APIs. The fact that every API calls and requests happen on one single endpoint allows for a great customization of commands, and therefore results in better performance in speed.

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Internship in Web Technologies

Internship in Web Technologies

Categories: Front End, Learning | Tags: DevOps, LDAP, React.js, CI/CD, Docker, GraphQL, IaC, Internship, Kubernetes, Node.js, OAuth2

Job Description As part of its Big Data activities, Adaltas Academy is an information-sharing platform bringing together articles, training content, and a knowledge base. The users of the platform are…


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Oct 14, 2021

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