YAML Ain't Markup Language

YAML stands for YAML Ain't Markup Language and is a data serialization language, mostly used to stored configuration information.

The main characteristics of YAML are:

  • Human readable: its easy to represent complex data in a simple way.
  • Simple and clean syntax: the syntax is clean and easy to scan through.
  • YAML is a superset of JSON: any valid JSON file is also valid YAML file, but not vice-versa.

Due to the above benefits, YAML is widely used for DevOps technologies as Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible.

The two main components in YAML files are:

  • arrays: listed with a dash -
  • objects: defined as key: value (the colon must be followed by a space)

YAML support only spaces for indentation, it is case-sensitive and its extension is .yaml or .yml.

This an example of YAML syntax:

  name: Adaltas
  description: | 

 Adaltas is a team of consultants with a focus on Open Source, Big Data 

 and distributed systems based in France, Canada and Morocco.
  address: 6 Rue Jules Simon, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
  - France
  - Canada
  - Morocco

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