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Data Engineer and Data Scientist

Oskar is an all-round engineer with data science and software development skills. He takes interest in Big Data and has an aptitude for Machine Learning. Lately, he has been focused on harnessing Spark, Hadoop, and distributed systems. Over last 2 years, he acquired fluency in Python Data Science ecosystem tools. Having done 6 months internship as Research Engineer in a top university in Australia, he has the ability to address problems formulated with mathematics.

He obtained his diploma from the French school of engineering IMT Atlantique, with specialization in Information Processing Systems. He has been studying Computer Science and Statistics, participating in numerous projects and collaborating with people from various nationalities and backgrounds. Three years outside his home country, Poland, allowed him to obtain a broad perspective and competencies in French and English. He is a generalist with a diverse skill set, always keen on learning and pushing his technical abilities.

Published articles

Machine Learning model deployment

Machine Learning model deployment

Categories: Big Data, Data Engineering, Data Science, DevOps & SRE | Tags: DevOps, Operation, AI, Cloud, Machine Learning, MLOps, On-premises, Schema

“Enterprise Machine Learning requires looking at the big picture […] from a data engineering and a data platform perspective,” lectured Justin Norman during the talk on the deployment of Machine…



Sep 30, 2019

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