Linux Namespaces

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Installing Kubernetes on CentOS 7

Installing Kubernetes on CentOS 7

Categories: Containers Orchestration | Tags: CentOS, cgroups, CNCF, DevOps, Infrastructure, Namespaces, Red Hat, VM, Ceph, Docker, Kubernetes

This article explains how to install a Kubernetes cluster. I will dive into what each step does so you can build a thorough understanding of what is going on. This article is based on my talk from the…


By Arthur BUSSER

Jan 29, 2019

Nobody* puts Java in a Container

Nobody* puts Java in a Container

Categories: Containers Orchestration, Open Source Summit Europe 2017, Infrastructure | Tags: cgroups, Java, JRE, JVM, Namespaces, Docker

This talk was about the issues of putting Java in a container and how, in its latest version, the JDK is now more aware of the container it is running in. The presentation is led by Joerg Schad…



Oct 28, 2017

Network Namespace without Docker

Network Namespace without Docker

Categories: Hack | Tags: DNS, Linux, Namespaces, VLAN, Docker, Network

Let’s imagine the following use case: I am connected to several networks (wlan0, eth0, usb0). I want to choose which network I’m gonna use when I launch apps. My app doesn’t allow me to choose a…



Jul 6, 2016

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