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Data Scientist and Data Engineer

Petra Kaferle Devisschere is a Data Scientist with 13 years of experience in Data Analytics. She developed different tools and protocols to standardize and accelerate data analyses in research laboratories. She was processing the data originating from various sources: retrieving, cleaning, integrating, analyzing, and visualizing them. Following a specialization in Data Science and AI, she got interested in data industrialization, through its life cycle to production and exploitation. During her internship, she deployed several PoCs of Machine Learning (ML) models on cloud platforms Azure and Databricks.

Her experience as a manager of a research laboratory also equipped her with skills in project management, communication with all the stakeholders, and in the design of software solutions.

Published articles

H2O in practice: a protocol combining AutoML with traditional modeling approaches

H2O in practice: a protocol combining AutoML with traditional modeling approaches

Categories: Data Science, Learning | Tags: Automation, Cloud, H2O, Machine Learning, MLOps, On-premises, Open source, Python, XGBoost

H20 comes with a lot of functionalities. The second part of the series H2O in practice proposes a protocol to combine AutoML modeling with traditional modeling and optimization approach. The objective…

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