GitLab is a platform based entirely on Git, a distributed versioning system that is made available as open source software. Git is by far the most widely used VCS in the world. Its main purpose is to save and document all changes to files and their source code so that they can be traced at any time.

GitLab is particularly interesting for developers and programmers and makes their daily work easier. When using a version control system, several programmers can collaborate and develop simultaneously, for example by working on different features, enable peer code review and automate continuous integration and delivery.

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Version your datasets with Data Version Control (DVC) and Git

Version your datasets with Data Version Control (DVC) and Git

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Grégor JOUET

By Grégor JOUET

Sep 3, 2020

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Automate a Spark routine workflow from GitLab to GCP

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Druid and Hive integration

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Jun 17, 2019

Self-sovereign identities with verifiable claims

Self-sovereign identities with verifiable claims

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Lando: Deep Learning used to summarize conversations

Lando: Deep Learning used to summarize conversations

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Yliess HATI

By Yliess HATI

Sep 18, 2018

Publishing guidelines

Publishing guidelines

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This is as much a set of guidelines targeting everyone publishing content on the web as rules for reviewers to ensure no validation is forgotten before submitting for publication. It mostly targets…


By David WORMS

Feb 28, 2018

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