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Robert Walid SOARES

Big Data Engineer and Data Scientist

Robert Walid is a Big Data Consultant with 1 year of professional experience on Hadoop and Distributed Systems. He has designed, developed and operated data ingestion workflows and real-time services while accompanying his clients in defining their needs and implementing them.

He is versatile on Big Data platforms, planning, design and architecture of cluster deployment, administration, maintenance and prototyping and industrialization of applications in collaboration with business users, analysts, Data Scientists, Engineers and Operations Teams.

He assists Data Scientists in the monitoring and qualification of new components, the integration and provision of innovative platforms and the training of teams.

Published articles

Deploy your containerized AI applications with nvidia-docker

Deploy your containerized AI applications with nvidia-docker

Categories: Containers Orchestration, Data Science | Tags: containerd, DevOps, Learning and tutorial, NVIDIA, Container, Docker, Keras, TensorFlow

More and more products and services are taking advantage of the modeling and prediction capabilities of AI. This article presents the nvidia-docker tool for integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence…

Robert Walid SOARES

By Robert Walid SOARES

Mar 24, 2022

Canada - Morocco - France

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10 rue de la Kasbah
2393 Rabbat

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